Man Learns Building Your Own Nuclear Reactor Isn't That Cool

radiation warningRichard Handl may be cooler than any dude I've ever met. I don't know many guys with the brains to build their own nuclear reactor in their kitchen. They're all too busy watching ESPN or killing mutant monsters on their Xbox.

But considering Handl got his butt hauled into jail by Swedish authorities for the effort, I'm guessing most ladies will be steering clear. It's too bad really. He's only 31 and apparently quite the smarty pants. He may just want to learn a few rules of amateur scientific exploration:


Rule one: if you're going to dabble in science, steer clear of matters of national security. Rule two: if you're thinking there might be a question as to the legality of building said nuclear reactor in your kitchen, you might want to ask for permission BEFORE YOU BLOG ABOUT IT!

Actually, scratch that. It wasn't Richard's blog that got him in trouble (a fact that confirms my troll-propelled theory that the Internet is indeed the Wild, Wild West). It was his honesty! He called up the Swedish Radiation Authority to see if what he was doing was legal, and they came right over, with the cops in tow. Handl was hauled off for questioning and told to put the kibosh on his curiosity right then and there. 

They let him go, natch, because somehow a dude who blogs, "My project is to build a working nuclear reactor. Not to gain electricity, just for fun and to see if it's possible to split atoms at home." isn't terribly terrifying after all. (Seriously, he even blogged about his arrest in case his followers were worried that he'd blown himself up!!)

So the lessons for all those dudes who have decided to get out of the gaming chair and actually do something? Let's just say if you have to wonder whether something you're doing might get you in trouble, it probably will. Also, having radiation (or the FBI) interrupt your dinner plans just isn't sexy. Let's stick to generating electricity with a potato. No one ever got arrested for that ... I hope.

Do you ever wonder how someone so smart can be so dumb?


Image via Mad House Photography/Flickr

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