6 Fun U.S. Coast Guard Facts on Its 221st Birthday

Coast Guard logoToday is Coast Guard Day, a celebratory day that marks the agency's 221st birthday! That means the Coast Guard was founded way back in 1790! Can you believe that?

The U.S. Coast Guard oversees maritime safety and security, national defense, mobility, and the protection of natural resources. That means they protect the international water borders, prevent smuggling (drug busts!), perform search and rescue, as well as protect the coastal environments. That's a pretty darn big job. Hats off to the Coast Guard!

Let's celebrate this important day with some fun facts about the United States Coast Guard!

  1. Congress created the U.S. Coast Guard back on August 4, 1790 (although it didn't get its Coast Guard name until about 1915) and authorized then Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton to build a small fleet of 10 cutters to protect the U.S. coastline.
  2. The Coast Guard motto is "Semper Paratus," which means "Always Ready."
  3. Many celebrities have served in the Coast Guard, including golfer Arnold Palmer, boxer Jack Dempsey, musician Tom Waits, actors Buddy Ebsen (The Beverly Hillbillies), Sid Caesar (Grease), Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), Cesar Romero (Batman), and author Alex Haley (Roots).
  4. As of 2003, the U.S. Coast Guard serves under the Department of Homeland Security.
  5. The U.S. Coast Guard is smaller today than the New York Police Department.
  6. You can find the U.S. Coast Guard on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter @USCG.

Special thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard for a job well done. Happy Birthday!

Is someone you love serving in the U.S. Coast Guard?


Image via U.S. Coast Guard

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