Smart Deer Dives Into Seal Tank at Aquarium to Escape the Heat (VIDEO)

deer in seal tankWow. It's so hot that even wild animals are pool-hopping! In Norwalk, Connecticut, a deer swam across the river to an aquarium where it went straight for a tank full of seals ... and dove right in! That's when aquarium workers learned a valuable lesson: Unlike, say, goldfish, deer are not easily scooped up with a net. Who knew?

The deer eventually made it out of the tank via an improvised ramp, soggy but otherwise unharmed. Apart from "now that's one smart deer," all I can say about this crazy happenstance is ... damn, I can't believe I missed it! I've taken my kids to that particular aquarium at least eight billion times, and we never got to experience a nature-gone-nuts moment like this one. Unless you count the time that otter pushed a little kid down the stairs.


No, I'm not kidding! I really did see that happen, with my very own eyes. Okay, maybe it wasn't a real otter, but still. It was kind of my fault.

Let me explain: I was young, it was summertime, I needed a part-time job, and the aquarium was hiring young, desperate people to dress up as mascots and parade around welcoming visitors and standing aimlessly in front of fish tanks. What could be easier?

If you've ever worn one of those big furry animal suits -- like the 8,000-pound otter get-up I wore -- you know that there are in fact a lot of things that are much easier, but by the time I figured that out, it was too late.

One of the challenges of being a mascot is that the required costumes provide little to no peripheral vision. For this reason, it's a good idea for a mascot to have a partner. It was my turn to be "the partner" on the day when my coworker, a guy whose name I can't remember for the life of me, was walking up the aquarium staircase ... with his big, heavy otter tail dragging behind him.

I saw it happen in slow-motion from several feet away. I was powerless to stop it, I swear! A curious toddler started crawling up the stairs after him ... he turned around ... just one swing of his mighty otter tail was all it took to knock that poor little girl down.

Much like the deer who was rescued from the seal tank, the girl was fine (though I can only assume she has some serious otter-phobic issues).

Almost as exciting as this video, right?

Image via Gannett

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