Stabbing of Guy Named 'Stabbed Last' Is Important Lesson in Baby Naming

knifePeople choose their children's names for all sorts of reasons -- to honor heroes, to remember family, to inspire excellence. Why anyone would name their child Brent Stabbed Last, I'm not sure. Sadly, the 29-year-old Canadian man was, in fact, stabbed to death.

As ironic as it is, it doesn't sound like his name had anything to do with his death besides just tempting fate. According to reports, the guy was actually a criminal trying to break into an apartment when he met his unfortunate demise. When the resident confronted him, a fight ensued, a knife appeared, and Mr. Stabbed Last was stabbed to death. That he was a criminal makes me feel a little better that I sort of chuckled when I read this story.


Bizarrely Mr. Stabbed Last also went by the surname "Good Dagger," according to reports. So maybe his parents aren't to be blamed, and "Stabbed Last" was his choosing. If so, that makes me feel a bit better about the whole thing. I don't want to say that would mean he was asking for it, but you roll the dice when you play with fate.

Unfortunately for the would-be victim, James Karl Bach, he faces manslaughter charges in the case. The details are kind of murky as to whose knife it was, and the two men did seem to have a mutual acquaintance, so who knows what really went down besides the ironic end result. I just wonder what they'll put on his tombstone. "He lived up to his name," perhaps?


Image via tanakawho/Flickr

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