Teen Buried Alive at Beach Shows Scary Side of Summer Fun (VIDEO)

teen buried aliveA teenage boy in Newport Beach, California is in good condition today after being buried alive in the sand for over 25 minutes. The 17-year-old was digging a tunnel in the sand Wednesday at the beach when the walls around him caved in. He'd dug about seven feet deep before the sand started falling in on his manmade tunnel, trapping him underneath.

Paramedics and rescue workers were called and rushed to the beach with shovels and determination. Fellow beach-goers also pitched in with whatever they could, some using their hands, some using children's buckets to try and remove sand and uncover the boy.

The scene was chaotic, and someone caught the whole thing on video. Naturally, it's been uploaded to YouTube. It's amazing and terrifying all at the same time.


After 20 minutes of digging and still not finding the boy, I would've assumed that when they did reach him, he would be dead. Thankfully, and astonishingly, the boy survived. He was underground for about 30 minutes.

One of the volunteers digging told ABC 7:

They cut a hole in a bucket and put a bucket over his head because the sand kept filling in and it was getting into his mouth and then they got oxygen to him ... All the girls were crying. I mean, it was a tear jerker, and then when they pulled him up ... everybody clapped.

It was a frenzied but effective environment that surrounded the buried boy -- I haven't seen a crowd that size gathered at the beach, gawking at tragedy, since that episode of Jersey Shore when Snooki gets drunk and wanders around the beach in her slippers, falling on her face in the sand.

We've all heard the warnings about being buried in the sand at the beach -- authorities say that sand is very unstable and can cave in at anytime -- there are a handful of fatal accidents each year. Here's a useful list of 10 beach safety tips. Encourage your kids to make castles, not holes.

Have you been at the beach when something like this has happened?

WATCH rescuers and beach-goers dig the boy out of the hole:


Photo via YouTube

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