Teen Cheerleaders 'Promoting' Strip Club Is No Big Deal

all star cheerleaders auckland new zealandThe All Star Cheerleaders, a squad made up of mostly 15- and 16-year-old girls (with the odd pre-teen, one who was as young as 9), performed at an international hockey match in New Zealand last weekend. It seemed like it would have been just another performance for the girls ... until they were introduced as the "All Star Cheerleaders brought to you by Calendar Girls" ... which is a strip club. Wuh-oh!

As a result, the coach of the squad and parents of the cheerleaders were apparently "concerned" and "upset."

Sounds like a major miscommunication or failure to communicate in the first place. Surely, the parents should have been told that their kids' appearance would be "sponsored by" a strip club, so that they could have decided whether or not to pull their girls from the performance. But, aside from that, I don't see what all the fuss is about? 


How often are youth sports events sponsored by other local businesses, some of which may be even more ethically questionable than a strip club (which is at least HONEST about their "sleaze")? I know I wouldn't be cool with my kid being on a team or being involved in a performance that was sponsored by, say, McDonald's or Marlboro cigarettes.

But if it was a one-shot thing like this ... ehhhh. You have to learn how to pick your battles. It's not like anyone really thought these girls -- a 9-year-old for crying out loud! -- were actually working FOR the strip club. And if they did, then their lack of comprehension about the situation is their problem, not the parents', not the squad's. Sponsorship of a one-time event isn't the same thing as the strip club actually employing these girls.

And sponsorship was all it was. The owner of the strip club donated $500 to the squad in exchange for them to do this event. What's more, she even asked the coach to be sure the girls were older (to be sure parents of 9-year-olds wouldn't be upset with the association), and she never asked that they be introduced as Calendar Girls. Sounds like the squad should have never taken the money if they didn't want the brouhaha!

If this is Auckland parents' biggest problem, then I think they've got it pretty good, don't you?

Would you be upset if your child was one of the cheerleaders on this squad?


Image via allstarcheerleaders.co.nz

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