50 Party Games for President Obama's 50th Birthday

President Barack Obama
President Obama makes his Birthday Party guest list
God love the Twitterverse for being so dang funny amid this Debt "Agreement" aftermath nightmare -- and just in time for President Barack Obama's 50th birthday too! Tweeters from across all party lines are compiling a mighty fine list of party games to play at the President's Happy Birthday shin-dig tomorrow.

Let's have a laugh at 50 of the best party game ideas so far!


The hashtag #ObamaBirthdayPartyGames is spinning out new party game ideas like nobody's business over on Twitter right now. Yes, they're totally mocking the President’s problems -- some nicely and others not so nicely -- but many are very funny no matter where you stand politically.

Hey, we gotta laugh during these tough times, right? Or else we're just going to cry.

Ready to see a great mix of Obama Birthday Party Game ideas? Ready, Debt, Go! Last one in pays the national debt! First one to pull out of Afghanistan wins!!!

  1. Pin Bush's Deficit on Obama
  2. Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Your Paycheck Right Over
  3. Big Government, May I?
  4. Ring Around the Recession
  5. Spelunking (how far can he cave?)
  6. Pin the Fail on the Donkey
  7. Let's Make a Bad Deal
  8. Pin the Tax on the Wealthy
  9. Show and Tell: Anthony Weiner Edition
  10. Are You Smarter Than a Congressman?
  11. Economy Limbo (how low can you go?)
  12. Pin the Blame on Bush
  13. How can we know it's his real birthday if he hasn't shown us his real birth certificate?
  14. Hide and Go F*ck Yourself
  15. Debt Balloon Toss
  16. Angry Words With Friends
  17. Guess How Many Fingers I'm Holding Up?
  18. Spin the Blame
  19. Wheel of Unemployment
  20. Hide the Salami (oops that's #clintonbirthdaypartygames)
  21. Constitution Darts
  22. RISK: 2012 Edition
  23. Biggest Loser
  24. Pop Goes the Economy
  25. Cops & Wall Street Bankers
  26. Tax, You're It!
  27. Whatever game the Republicans want to play ...
  28. 7 minutes in the Oval Office
  29. Quarters (are all that's left in the Treasury)
  30. Pennies (can't afford to play Quarters)
  31. Musical Chairs (from China)
  32. Dance-Off!
  33. Biden Go Seek
  34. Red Light, Red Light
  35. Wall Street Gone Wild
  36. George W. Bush Dunk Tank
  37. Who Wants to Be on Welfare?
  38. Chutes and Liars
  39. Tug of It’s-Not-Really-a-War
  40. Treasure(y) Hunt: Social Security Edition
  41. (Getta) Clue
  42. Bullsh*t
  43. Monopoly: Spread the Wealth Edition
  44. Duck Duck Responsibility
  45. Pin the Debt on the Children
  46. Scavenger Hunt (for a job)
  47. Unfollow the Leader
  48. Craps
  49. Drink
  50. Sorry!

Happy Birthday, President Obama!

What party game do you think should be played at President Obama's birthday?


Image via The White House

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