White House Intruder Has a Lot in Common With Shaquille O'Neal (VIDEO)

white houseA homeless man pulled a Salahi on Tuesday night and totally crashed the White House. James D. Crudup, 41, climbed over the White House fence and onto the grounds before Secret Service swiftly took him into custody. Unlike the Real Housewives of DC cast members, Crudup was not photographed with the President like the Salahis were, nor did he turn down a bowl of lentil soup. Instead, Crudup's being charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court. He had a backpack with him, but no word yet on whether it contained harmful materials (aka a big ol' bomb).

What is it with people crashing the White House? Just last night I was watching Conan, enjoying a Mango Popsicle, when basketball star Shaquille O'Neal admitted that he too has tried to get into the White House without an invitation. And not once, but thrice!


Shaq is certainly a glutton for denied access. He explained that each time he approached the gate, the security guys wouldn't let him in. Guess they learned a thing or two after the Michaele and Tareq Salahi mess, but Shaq was determined. He says he's gone back three times, each time just asking for 30 seconds with the President, to shake his hand and say thanks, but Shaq's yet to be invited inside.

Guess Obama's been kinda busy lately to meet with Shaq, or homeless people, for that matter. Also, it hasn't been confirmed that Obama was even home during Crudup's attempt, or Shaq's. Maybe these guys should check Barack's schedule before knocking on crashing down his door.

Crudup already had a court order against him saying he couldn't go near the White House, so I guess Shaq's not the only one who's tried to get in the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue more than once. Got to hand it to Shaq and Crudup: They're nothing if not persistent, and a little bit crazy.

If they want some advice on actually getting in the White House, I'm sure the Salahis will happily share their story. Get a camera crew to follow you is the first step. Have unbelievably sized balls is the next.

What would be your strategy for crashing the White House?

WATCH Shaq on Conan describing his attempts:


Photo via Seansie/Flickr

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