Australian Woman Freed From Collar Bomb But the Nightmare Isn't Over

australia woman freed from collar bombThis news story reads like a plot of an edge-of-your-seat Hollywood thriller: After 10 tense and dramatic hours of meticulous bomb squad and police work in her own home, an 18-year-old woman in Australia has been freed from a suspected bomb that was strapped around her neck. Some media reports claim the device had been strapped to the woman by someone else, but police won't confirm these details until further investigation. In the meantime, our imagination runs wild with thoughts of this nightmarish story ...


Here's what can be pieced together from the media reports so far: Around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, a "balaclava-clad man" (who the teenager had prior contact with before) entered her home and placed a device on the young woman. She then called the police herself to report it.

The police said the device was "very elaborate" and "very sophisticated" but would not confirm whether it was, in fact, an explosive. Nevertheless, they evacuated the neighborhood as a precaution while they examined it. After some grueling hours of examination -- during which they consulted with several Australian agencies and bomb experts, as well as the British military -- they were able to free the woman before anything dangerous happened.

Rumors are flying that there was also a ransom note and that the bomb scare was a brutal extortion bid. (And the fact that the house is located in one of Sydney's most exclusive neighborhoods is only adding fuel to this fire.) But until police find the suspect, the mystery of the device and the motive behind it continues.

Bomb threats in public places are scary enough on their own, but the idea that someone could break into your home and strap one to your body adds a whole new level of horror. Thankfully, the nightmare for the Australian woman is over, but the rest of us would probably sleep better not knowing the full extent of her story.

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