Jaycee Dugard Isn't the Only Victim We Should Worry About (VIDEO)

Nancy GarridoIt's hard to imagine the story of Jaycee Dugard, the girl kidnapped at 11 by Phillip Garrido and wife Nancy Garrido and discovered 20 years later living in filth in their backyard, getting any more chilling for parents. And yet video of interviews with Nancy released by prosecutors this week have managed to do the trick. They've presented somewhere between 10 and 20 possible chances the cops had to take the Garridos into custody and didn't.

Even creepier? Each of those 10 to 20 chances is a girl, an innocent child lured by Nancy Garrido either into the couple's van or to the space right outside it. There the woman who helped her husband kidnap Jaycee back in 1991 then forced the girls to do something akin to gymnastics while Phillip ran a video camera.


I can't imagine what was going through those kids' heads when they were being forced by Nancy to perform for her husband. And I can't imagine what their parents said when they got home and related the story of bending and getting down really low at the coaxing of a strange woman. But I have to think that at least some of them called the cops.

If I heard a strange adult was talking to my kid, I know I'd be nervous. And yes, I'd expect her to tell me. We have the stranger danger talk frequently in our house, and she's had a list drilled into her head of "safe" adults who would be allowed to pick her up from a playdate. The objective is to never let her get CLOSE enough to a stranger to actually be faced with a video camera or directions to put on a dance routine. But if somehow it happened, and she came home spinning stories about some very public pelvic thrusts, you'd better believe I'd be hippy hopping to that phone to call the cops and report the freaks with the van.

Prosecutors are busy blasting cops for not nabbing Garrido over multiple failed drug tests or the presence of a strange soundproof recording device in his backyard, but I want to know what happened with those 10 to 20 kids' parents' complaints. No one knocked on the door of the camera toting weirdos making little girls do knee bends? And if they did, they didn't feel that these girls' stories were important enough to haul the Garridos in? As a mom, I don't think I would have been happy until someone took the creeps who sexualized my little girl and threw them in jail. Those girls could have been the chance the cops needed to rescue Jaycee. But they deserve some form of justice too.

The news that all these girls were victimized and nothing happened to the Garridos just adds to the horrors of the Jaycee story, don't you think? If you can stomach it, here are some of the details from Nancy herself:


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