Casey Anthony Spotted in Ohio, Let the Games Begin

osu hatCasey Anthony has been found! The 25-year-old Florida native was spotted over the weekend, and no, she isn't in the Caribbean, yucking it up with her lawyer. Casey is hiding out in one of the most boring, innocuous locations on Earth: Ohio. Wearing an Ohio State University baseball hat, a tight fitting tee, glasses, and jeans, Casey sipped a Starbucks Frappuccino and shopped for dresses at Old Navy. Sounds like a regular old Saturday for most people, but when you're an acquitted murdered trying to blend in, I guess it's anything but normal -- especially when photogs follow you and sell your picture for thousands.

For better or for worse, Casey is certainly a celebrity now. She'll be recognized everywhere she goes. Even though I don't think I would have noticed it was her hiding under the hat and glasses, she won't be able to hide from everyone. Looks like this 'Where's Waldo' routine is just getting started. (Link to photos of Casey in Ohio after the jump.)


Next thing you know, she'll be spotted in Charlottesville, Virginia wearing a UVA hat, then in Asheville, North Carolina wearing a UNCA hat. But she won't be able to fool anyone.

Maybe she should have gotten that plastic surgery. She can run, but apparently she can't hide -- clearly the local university hat, darker hair, and bronze tan aren't doing the job. If not surgery, then maybe she should try a wee bit harder at staying incognito. A blonde wig and a baby in a stroller might throw people off her scent. No one would expect that.

TMZ's exclusive photos of Casey in Ohio prove she's got to try harder. She's got a target on her back and she's not hiding it very well. I care because a) I kind of want her to be safe and 2) I kind of don't want to read headlines every morning that say something to the effect of "Casey Spotted In ... !" I just don't want this Ohio surfacing to be the beginning of a cross-country game of hide-and-seek. I'm too old to keep up with it.

Anyway, while Casey is out and about in Ohio, her lawyers are fighting the Florida judge on his ruling that Casey needs to return to Florida for a supervised probation period of one year for a check fraud case. Her lawyers say the judge is prejudging Casey, and if Casey were forced to return, her life would be in danger -- she's received multiple death threats.

So Ohio and Florida are out -- where's Waldo Casey going next? Let the games begin.

What do you think of the Casey chase?

Photo via ColumbusCameraOp/Flickr

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