New Ted Bundy Clue Could Solve Mystery of Missing 8-Year-Old Girl

Ann Marie BurrIn 1961, Ted Bundy was a 14-year-old visiting his uncle in a suburban neighborhood in Tacoma, Washington. Who knows if he was the serial killer yet, whether his psychopathic tendencies were starting to bubble to the surface, whether he was torturing animals or inventing sick fantasies or worse. And who knows if he was the person who entered an unlocked window of a neighbor's home on a late August night, stalked up the stairs, and abducted 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr from her bed, before fleeing with her out the front door. Burr's body was never found, but investigators have long suspected she may have been Bundy's very first victim.

The timing and connection always fit. Bundy apparently knew the girl. But Bundy had always denied taking or killing the girl. Remember this is a guy who confessed to killing women and girls he did in fact kill, as well as those he didn't. Take anything this whack job said with a grain of salt. Who knows the truth from the lies.


DNA testing does not lie. So without the creation of it when Burr went missing, or even when Bundy was arrested and executed for the murder of 30 or more women and girls starting in the 1970s, it has been impossible to connect Bundy to Burr in any way.

A new clue surrounding Ted Bundy has surfaced that may finally solve the case of Burr and many more murdered women found throughout the years. Investigators looking into several cold cases led to the discovery of a vial of Bundy's blood in Florida (where he was convicted of killing two sorority girls and a child) that will now be plugged into the FBI's vast database. First reaction to this news: OMG it took that friggin' long to discover it! Some lab guy totally dropped the ball somewhere.

The major oversight of the lost vial of blood aside, this could finally mean closure for the Burr family and the family of dozens of other murder victims of the '70s and '80s, the time period that Bundy went on his killing spree. Investigators apparently have some evidence from the Burr investigation, which they will use to look for DNA and see if a match can be found with DNA from the newly discovered Bundy blood. Maybe then the family can have some form of closure from the tragic loss that continues to haunt them.

Burr's parents have since passed on, but her four siblings are reportedly still alive. This includes her sister, Julie Burr, who shared a bedroom with Ann Marie. The sister who Ann Marie comforted and took to her parents' room, before returning to her own bedroom alone, the last time she was ever seen.


Image via City of Tacoma

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