Kitten That Looks Like Hitler Deserves to Be Loved

kitlerWhen is a kitten not completely adorable? When she looks like Hitler, apparently. Just ask the 6-week-old kitten at Britain's Wood Green Animal Shelter that nobody wanted to adopt because of her "Hitler-like" markings.

Um ... where do I even start? Okay, never mind the fact that the kitten is cute as all get-out, despite the Adolf-esque 'stache she's got going on. Also, never mind that when you're adopting from a shelter, typically the animal's appearance is of lesser importance than how badly it needs a home. We just won't even address those talking points here.

Instead, let's begin with why, exactly, a person would not want a kitten that vaguely sort of resembled a long-dead dictator. Except not really, because she's not a human being.


Anyway, what I'm trying to figure out is why this little patch of dark fur would be such a huge turn-off to potential pet owners. Were they afraid that the kitten would likewise turn out to have the personality of Hitler? (Egads, what if the kitten is Hitler, reincarnated?!) Or perhaps they were concerned that the neighbors would think they were harboring a group of feline Neo-Nazis. Another possibility: I suppose they might have been worried that the cat would only understand German.

But somebody would have to be crazy to think any of those things, you're probably saying to yourself. Well, yes. Because somebody would have to be crazy to NOT adopt a kitten because she "looks like Hitler!"

Anyway, the good news is that "Kitler," as she's known (her name is really Luminus, but nobody's ever going to call her that again), has at last gone to a good home. Once word (and pics) got out about the poor little snubbed thing, adoption offers started pouring in from around the world, according to a spokesperson for the animal shelter.

I can't tell you what a relief that was to hear ... particularly since I'm trying to find a good home for our guinea pig. Are you looking for a pet? Our little Joseph Stalin is really no trouble at all ...

Do you think it's ridiculous that nobody wanted to adopt Kitler?


Image via YouTube

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