Woman Kills Boyfriend With Stiletto in Crime of Passion

stiletto shoesThere are crimes of passion and there are crimes of fashion, but now there's a crime of passion committed with fashion. Thelma Carter, 46, is being accused of murder in the first degree after she allegedly beat her live-in boyfriend to death with a stiletto high heel shoe. Robert Higdon, 58, was found dead Monday morning in the couple's trailer park home in Augusta, Georgia after Carter called the cops, claiming she came home and found him lifeless.

Then what's that bloody stiletto doing there, Cinderella?


Did Prince Charming return it to you after he went on a stabby rampage, Ms. Carter? No, we didn't think so.

So there's no way to tell yet how many times Thelma rammed the heel into her boyfriend, but the post-mortem examination scheduled for today at the August Crime Lab will shed some light.

It's certainly a sad way to go -- people always say "my shoes are killing me," but they rarely say "my girlfriend's shoe is killing me." Perhaps this is the first time in history such a heinous crime of passion and fashion has been committed.

I guess Thelma wasn't "head over heels" in love with Robert anymore, but there's yet to be an explanation for the bizarre murder.

Personally I don't see how she did it -- I'm looking at my closet as I type and I think my boyfriends should feel reasonably certain I won't be able to kill them with any of the heels I've got hanging on that shoe tree. I can't walk in stilettos, so all my heels are pretty thick and mostly cork. It's a veritable guarantee that I don't rock any murder weapons on my feet when I'm out on the town -- I had no idea I was playing it so safe.

I guess Thelma has some seriously pointy, or seriously metal, or seriously strong stilettos in her shoe rack, and poor Robert felt the brunt of one of them, that's for sure. Rest in peace.

What do you think?

Photo via muohace_dc/Flickr

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