Selfless Teen Dies Saving Her Friends From Out-of-Control SUV

suv crashThe world needs more people like 13-year-old Kira Goddard.

The courageous teen shouted, "Run! Run!" to her friends and shooed them away from an careening out-of-control SUV that was driven by a mortally wounded ex-con. Thanks to her warning, her friends were able to get out of the way just in time. But, sadly, Kira was hit, pinned against the steps of her Brooklyn apartment, and killed. She died a true hero.

The wonderful thing about Kira is that she wasn't just selfless at the end of her very short life; in fact, it was a trait that those she left behind will always remember about her.


Her father, in particular, had this to say about his daughter:

She always told me she loved me ... She last called me to make sure I took my medication -- my [blood] pressure pills. She always did.

Likewise, her neighbors mentioned that Kira often took care of the younger kids on her block. This story is even more heartbreaking to know that the victim was so beautiful, loving, and considerate to others.

As for the driver of the SUV: Reports say 44-year-old Sean Lewis, who had a stab wound to the torso, hit three double-parked cars on the block. He reversed and flipped the SUV, pinning Goddard, who had been sitting on the steps with her friends after a barbecue, under the car. Lewis was rushed to the hospital with head injuries in addition to the stab wound and later died.

Of course, the backlash in the community against the deceased driver is strong, especially given the fact that Lewis was allegedly a seldom employed ex-con with nine prior arrests and no valid driver's license. (Also, in an odd twist of fate, it's now come out that he purchased the SUV he was driving with a $1.3 million dubious settlement.) The fact that he took such an innocent life is definitely the worst of his crimes.


Image via David Owen/Flickr

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