Boy Sells Lemonade to Pay for Sister's Funeral

lemonade standAt some point most every kid will set up a lemonade stand. Some do it to earn cash for a coveted toy, a few altruistic ones will even do it to raise money for a charity or cause, but I've never seen a stand run for such a heartbreaking and incredible reason as one that set up shop yesterday in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Selling lemonade for 50 cents and water for a buck, Tyler McVeigh is trying to raise money for his sister's funeral expenses. Talk about a sweet glass of lemonade.


At just 16, Kristen McVeigh died unexpectedly last month. No one is sure why, and they're awaiting toxicology reports, but all the expenses have added up for the family. So instead of sitting around just mourning the loss of his sister, whom he adored, he found a way to try and help.

"She was just like a very nice person," he told WXYZ. "The best sister you could ever have."

I know. I want to drive right to Michigan and buy up every glass he has. What an amazing kid to realize and take on his family's burden. As cliche as it is, he is quite literally making lemonade from the lemons that were dealt to his family in this terrible tragedy.

I love the following video and seeing him so full of life with his buddies surrounding him. While losing a sibling has got to be one of the most difficult things to happen to a child, having the support of friends and community helps. The resilience and resourcefulness he shows will also do him well.

I hope he sells a record-breaking amount of lemonade. How could anyone resist buying a glass for a cause like this?

Would you buy a glass of lemonade from this boy?

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