The Real Reason Gabrielle Giffords Is Returning to Congress

gabrielle giffords returns to the house of representativesRepresentative Gabrielle Giffords returned to the House of Representatives yesterday for the first time since she was shot in the head in January. Today, CBS News put a lingering question to rest when they reported via Twitter that Giffords will seek re-election in November. Sounds like the sum of these parts is that Rep. Giffords is ready, willing, and eager to get back to work in Washington.

When explaining why she felt it was necessary to show up for the vote on the debt ceiling crisis, she said in a statement, "I have closely followed the debate over our debt ceiling and have been deeply disappointed at what’s going on in Washington. I had to be here for this vote. I could not take the chance that my absence could crash our economy." 

Yes, it's impressive that she felt so motivated to show up to make sure she voted on behalf of her constituents.


But what's more -- I think her actions and her statements show that the REAL reason she's back is because she's interested in doing what's right for the country. Not what's right for her political career.

All too often, you'll see a politician turn their vote, their compromise, their position into a political ad. That's why things are so screwed up in D.C. right now, and why making the simplest decision turns into a stalemate. So many Americans feel like our politicians are only out for themselves, weighing every difficult decision on how it'll affect their re-election potential.

Gabby's appearance yesterday could have very easily been a calculated move like that. I'm sure there are people who will be working on her campaign in November who are thinking like that! Of course, there are strategists who do that for a LIVING. But when it comes Giffords, the actual politician and her motivations, I don't see "winning" being her ultimate goal here. I think she's in the Washington game to do what's right for her constituents and her country. Every single elected official -- from the smallest town mayor to President Obama -- could certainly learn a thing or two from Gabby.

What do you think about Gabby's motivations for getting back to work?


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