Found Body of 11-Year-Old Brings No Closure

The family of missing 11-year-old Celina Cass in New Hampshire received the gut-wrenching news that a body was found in the area divers had been searching. The 11-year-old girl went missing from her bedroom last week. By evening, the body had been identified as Cass's.

There is almost nothing scarier to any parent than the idea that someone could come into your home in the middle of the night, take your child, and leave, but in this small New Hampshire town of 800, that may be exactly what happened.

Cass was last seen on her computer on the night of July 25, but by Tuesday morning, she was no longer in her room and there was no sign of a struggle. Though authorities hadn't confirmed that the body belonged to Cass as of 5 p.m. Monday, The New York Daily News reported screaming and crying from the home where she lived with her mother, stepdad, and sister.


Later, they confirmed the findings.

It's a horrifying story made even more hideous by the fact that it happened in such a rural, small town. People expect to be able to leave their doors open at night and walk home late at night. It's a peaceful place people dream of living when they live in the city and have to have seven deadbolts just to feel safe.

Authorities say there was no sign of a struggle in the home and she had no reason to run away voluntarily. So what does that leave? Someone she knew? Someone she trusted?

Many media outlets seem to be implying something by mentioning again and again that her stepfather has a history of mental illness and had to be rushed to the hospital on Monday because of it. But there are a million explanations for that. Maybe he was severely depressed and the news sent him into a tailspin. News like this would do that to even the most stable of people.

The sad truth is as of right now, it's all very mysterious. There are no obvious leads or places to go. To an outside observer, it seems like just another terrifying reminder that no matter where we go and how much we try to protect our kids, they may not be safe anywhere.

As a mom, I want to hug my kids a bit tighter tonight. My heart goes out to the family and I hope that there is some kind of justice for this poor little girl.

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