Does Latest Casey Anthony News Mean Guilt Is Finally Sinking In?

solitary confinement

Casey Anthony has made the very wise decision of postponing her first television Interview until after she gets psychological help, according to TMZ. She gives three reasons for this, the first of which is "obvious mental health issues" stemming from her initial reaction and behavior following her daughter's death. Like when she covered it up, lied, lied and lied some more, and then went out and partied like nothing happened. The second reason is Casey is still dealing with the loss of her child. Best to just let that one go. And the third reason is ...


Three years in solitary confinement "messed with her head."

Ummmmm, yeah ... YA THINK????

Casey didn't need to outline all of these things to tell us she is one messed up chick. She honestly thought she appeared a stable person at any point of this whole horrific affair? The ironic thing is that if she waits until she's totally "straightened out" to give the first interview, we're going to be waiting a long long time. Maybe forever. I think her plea for "professional help" is just an excuse for bowing out of the TV network frenzy of trying to get her for a first interview. Now that the big climax has been reached, the guilt over all she did, all she got away with, may finally be settling in.

She had her courtroom victory, she celebrated by drinking beer on a boat, time is passing and she is realizing that it hasn't changed a thing. People still hate her. People still don't believe her. Her daughter is still dead. She's looking at her future and thinking holy God what did I do and where do I even go from here? That's what's totally messing this girl up. The fear. The wondering every single minute of every single day whether her newfound freedom is really a curse not a blessing, whether she's really just traded one form of solitary confinement for another.


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