Wandering Mountain Lion Should Have Stayed Home

mountain lionSupposedly there's a bright side to the story about the mysterious mountain lion spotted in Greenwich, Connecticut, a couple of months ago -- only to be struck and killed by an SUV in Milford, Connecticut, shortly thereafter. Analysis by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection showed that the cougar traveled 1,100 miles from South Dakota to get to Connecticut, and apparently the fact that a wild mountain lion was able to make such a long journey at all is a sign that the efforts of conservationists and environmental protection groups are working.

Maybe it's just me, but I still think it's kind of incredibly sad that this poor creature came all that way just to get hit by an SUV.


I live in Greenwich, the town where the initial cougar-sightings took place, and my immediate reaction was concern for the big cat. I laughed when news reporters asked residents questions like, "Do you feel safe knowing that a wild mountain lion is loose in your town?" I don't know how to put this, exactly, but Greenwich ain't exactly the prairie. What I mean to say is, it's not like my kids roam free through the wilderness unattended. This is not unpopulated territory. I have a hard time picturing a mountain lion creeping up on some kid at the playground -- it wouldn't go unnoticed long enough to pull off any kind of stealth attack.

I had a feeling the cougar wouldn't last long here, and I was right. So while I guess I can understand that the journey itself is symbolic of the work of conservationists paying off, it's still a bummer that it had to end this way. I can't help but think the mountain lion would've been better off staying in South Dakota.

Do you think the story of the Greenwich mountain lion really does have a silver lining?


Image via California DFG/Flickr

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