Casey Anthony Beer Video Deserves High Price Tag

Casey AnthonyThe question on everyone's mind has been answered. Just how long would it take Casey Anthony to get back to her beer-drinking and the partying ways that got her in so much trouble after daughter Caylee first "disappeared"? The answer is ... wait for it ... immediately! If you had that answer on your scorecards, give yourself a prize. Wait, on second thought, go take a shower. It's disturbing.

TMZ is reporting it was offered a video of the mother freed of murder charges by a not guilty verdict toting a half-filled Corona and shooting a wide grin to the cameras as she got off the plane that whisked her out of Florida. The reason they're not showing it to us?


Well, it was too expensive. Of course. Maybe her legal team's getting a little antsy now that the big three major networks are backing off on the idea of paying her for the first interview? Well I'm glad. And I'm hoping the same goes for this video -- no one will pony up, and it will disappear into obscurity. 

I can't be the only one who doesn't need to see proof that Casey Anthony is enjoying herself right now. My faith in the justice system aside, I'd like to think that if she really were "not guilty," she'd want to keep her head clear so she could tackle the problem of finding her daughter's "real" killer. I know that's naive, but it's a nice thought. And it's one I can hold on to as long as I don't have to look at a video of her partying, partying, partying (yeah!).

But each time someone puts up the money for something like this, they'll simply be funding her way out of debt and back to the good life of being single and child-free. So let's hear it for her keeping the demand price high for the video ... and keeping it off our TV screens.

Do you want to see this video? Why?

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