Wanted Man Uses Facebook to Trick Cops Into Catching Him

victor burgosRunning from the police is so fun, right?! All the mystery, the cat and mouse games ... gah! What a rush. Victor Burgos, 29, of Brooklyn, New York was super into being chased by the cops but might have had a secret agenda. Wanted by the Utica police for domestic abuse and harassment of his ex-girlfriend, Burgos evidently believed that the cops were getting too complacent, so he decided to leave a few virtual breadcrumbs for them. Burgos posted to his Facebook wall: "Catch me if you can, I'm in Brooklyn."

Betcha can't guess where the cops ended up finding him!


US Marshalls and a task force of NYPD raided Burgos's Brooklyn apartment Monday night and found the criminal at his desk, with Facebook open on his computer. Slow.Clap. Does it get any better than that? Do you think he had time to upload to Facebook some photos of the raid? Maybe captions like, "Yikeroos! Here they come!" would've been appropriate for snapshots of the cops storming down his door.

If I were part of the police task force here, I'd be surprised that Burgos was where he said he would be, but then again maybe they're really used to dealing with super dumb criminals. I mean, he couldn't have hidden in Queens and said he was in BK? Wow.

But maybe he's got us all fooled. Perchance Burgos is smarter than all of us. Did this young gentleman perchance desire three square meals a day and a rent-free place to live for the next one to three years? Perchance jail was his get out of life free card.

Burgos also posted to his Facebook page a video of himself walking into a Brooklyn police station. Something tells me that Burgos, an aspiring rapper who sometimes goes by R. Mack Milly, was just asking to get caught. No one can be that dumb, right?!

He's been taken back to upstate New York to the scene of his crimes where he'll face a judge for sentencing. Maybe he's laughing all the way to Utica in the back of the paddy wagon. Sure, he could've just turned himself in, but what's the fun in that? Congrats. Burgos, you're in custody.

Do you think he wanted to get caught?


Photo via NYPD

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