Adorable Baby Hippo Does Underwater Ballet (VIDEO)

baby hippo danceFor those of you who need a little help switching over from weekday to weekend mindset (I know I do), follow the lead of the blissed-out baby hippo in this video. Seven-month-old Adhama of The San Diego Zoo virtually defines "carefree" with his underwater ballet moves. It's almost hard to believe he's the real thing and not a Disney creation -- all that's missing is a pink tutu and a dopey grin!

Apparently Adhama's name means "honor" or "glory" in Swahili, and maybe in a few thousand pounds or so, he'll grow into that regal title. But not yet. In fact, zookeepers say he's a mischievous little dude.


Adhama is said to be super-playful with his mom, who good-naturedly indulges the rough-housing (considering this is her fourth child, I give her credit). He's also a total show-off. One of his favorite stunts is to pull himself up on a rock to take a breath, then perform a slapstick sideways spin and flop back into the water.

Typical little boy!

If I lived in San Diego, I'd totally camp out in front of the hippo exhibit all weekend with my kids. Wouldn't you? Hours of entertainment.

Check out this video and tell me you wouldn't do the same!


Image via YouTube

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