Gross Bikini Clad Woman Doesn't Have Right to Shop in Wal-Mart

Sandy McMillinI can't be the only one who heard a woman was kicked out of Wal-Mart for wearing a bikini and screamed FINALLY! As in, finally someone down in Bentonville, Arkansas clicked on the People of Walmart site and had to grab a barf bag. They're instituting a dress code! Ah, but that excitement was short-lived.


The real people of Walmart, aka the folks who work there, claim Sandy McMillin's tale of being escorted out the store for showing off her string bikini-clad bod isn't quite on the money. The Oregon store's spokespeople claim she was never actually kicked out, that she caused the problems by being verbally abusive, and now they're bending over backward to apologize for her "frustration."

So there's no relief from the torture that is seeing a fellow bargain shopper in the produce section wearing something so skimpy I have to worry about curly hairs in my cabbage? Sigh. Here I was really hoping that Walmart was going to start caring as much about its customers with common sense as they do about the creeps who take advantage of the total lack of dress code. I'm not talking anything major here. Just a general health code-happy "no shoes, no shirt, no service" maybe?

The problem with the People of Walmart site is that it's as sad as it is funny. Because while we're feeling guilty that we're laughing at real honest to goodness people (and frankly, not ALL of the pictures are even funny -- some are just plain cruel), it proves there are a lot of folks who care more about themselves than common decency when they leave the house.

And McMillin is clearly one of them. She says it was 95 degrees, so she threw on a skimpy bikini top (which she'd bought at Wal-Mart, natch) and a pair of shorts. Fair enough, but it was 95 degrees when I took my daughter to a swimming class last week. I stood in the sun for an hour wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I was hot (I was outside), but fine. She was walking into an air-conditioned store. Putting a shirt on was hardly cruel and unusual punishment. But it is common courtesy. Bikinis are for the beach. Not for buying your groceries.

Would you be offended if a store told you to put a shirt on? Should Wal-Mart be instituting a dress code?


Image via KVAL

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