Woman Deserves Worker's Comp for Wild Sex Romp Injury

If you're on a business trip and you get hurt, your work is liable for your medical bills and any time that you need off after that point, correct? I mean, you wouldn't have even been in the position to get hurt if it weren't for work, correct?

What about if you weren't actually on the job? What if you were technically hurt having sex and, say (for argument's sake), that a chandelier fell on you (because you kicked it?), then would you still think your work owed you?

In 2007, a woman who works for the Australian government was injured having sex on a business trip, and now she is suing the government for compensation. Crazy as it is, it makes sense.


The fact is, her work is the reason she was there. Reading between the lines in the Guardian article, it seems this wasn't a boyfriend or husband, but rather someone she met while on the trip.

Presumably, she would have been home in her own bed, with her own light and her own vibrator (or home sex partner), and none of this would have happened. But because of her work, she was there in that hotel room.

Let's take sex out of the equation. If she had slipped in the shower or the light had fallen while she was sleeping, then we would all agree, work needs to pony up. So why are we punishing this woman for having an active sex life? Is that really so shocking?

She was on a business trip, injured because she was there. No, she didn't need to have sex. But she also didn't NEED to brush her teeth or take a shower or even sleep, and if she had been hurt doing any of those things, people would be on her side. So why not this time?

Do you think she deserves compensation?


Image via makou0629/Flickr

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