Facebook Insults Holocaust Survivors in the Worst Possible Way

holocaust memorialYou know how you can feel really passionately for or against a cause, almost unwaveringly so ... and then something happens that forces you to make a total and complete exception to your own rule? That's what happened to me today. But don't write me off as wishy-washy until you hear the whole story.

Ordinarily, I'm vehemently, outspokenly opposed to censorship. Of any kind. Even if whatever content in danger of being censored disgusts me personally, I'd rather be offended as an individual than contribute to the global gag-order mentality some people have.

BUT. When I heard that Facebook refused the 21 Holocaust survivors who asked the site to stop allowing pages promoting the idea of the Holocaust as a hoax ... well, if that's not an exception to my rule, I don't know what is. The Holocaust?! Show some respect, Facebook!


In a statement, Facebook explained that while they of course find the groups behind these pages to be "repugnant and ignorant," "the mere statement of denying the existence of the Holocaust is not a violation of our terms."

Well, rewrite the terms, then! Are you kidding? This was a major, major misstep on Facebook's part, if you ask me -- pretty much the worst business move a company could ever make would be to align themselves, however distantly, with the deluded segment of the population who thinks the Holocaust didn't really happen. Facebook is allowing users to cross a distinct line in human decency, one that should be very obviously drawn. Why can't they make that judgment call?

My heart goes out to the survivors and their families, who deserved compassion and recognition, not a cold slap in the face.

Do you think the FB pages denying the existence of the Holocaust should be taken down?


Image via D. Vincent Alongi/Flickr

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