Shameless RNC Ads Use Innocent Kid for Political Purposes (VIDEOS)

RNC adThe Republican National Committee has sunk to an all-time low with its new commercials aimed directly at President Barack Obama. They pulled American kids into it. And they didn't even bother trying to make it realistic.

The two creepy commercials created by the American Future Fund, a conservative political action committee that claims "conservative and free market principles will be under direct attack in America," each features the same little girl (h/t to Jezebel for noticing her in the second vid) who looks to be around 6 years old. Left on a couch alone by her parents, she's ostensibly viewing TV coverage from 2017, the end of an eight-year span of an Obama White House:


Let's forget the ridiculous projection and fear-mongering (China has taken over the US, really?), and focus on the real problem here. Who cares about the reaction of a 6-year-old to political news that she doesn't have the cognitive ability to assess because she's ... um, well, 6? And what kind of parents leave their 6-year-old alone on the couch at night in a dark room to watch the news? They're putting her in a position that would test her young brain's capacity to deal with unsettling imagery. Not exactly the family values the RNC wants to be known for, huh?

The use of kids in political ads is grating -- whether it's from the Republicans or the Democrats (and they've done it too). A candidate standing up with his kids, OK, that's fine; it has its place. But putting kids in uncomfortable situations just to make a parent's heart leap is a shallow attempt to sway the viewer with emotion rather than fact. I'm affected by these videos not because I agree with what's being said, but because I'm bothered that a child is watching it. And yet, take five seconds, and I know that most parents, good parents, wouldn't allow that to happen.

That allows me to look at this with a discerning eye. I don't care what a 6-year-old thinks for the same reason I wouldn't allow a 6-year-old to vote. I do care that the RNC thinks I'm so stupid that I'll fall for the "OMG, Obama put a kid in danger" trick.

How do you feel about kids in political ads?


Image via YouTube

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