Dan Savage Can Wreck Senator Rick Santorum With a Single Word (VIDEO)

rick santorumRepublican presidential candidate then-Senator Rick Santorum probably had no clue what he was getting himself into when he made homophobic remarks, comparing gay sex with bestiality and pedophilia, in 2003. He probably figured he'd raise some eyebrows, but he couldn't possibly have predicted that he'd make a career-long enemy out of sex columnist Dan Savage, who back then got a kick out of Google-bombing the politician by making up a nasty sex-related definition for "Santorum." (Not sure what I mean? Just Google it.) Fast-forward to 2011, and Savage is making it known via FunnyorDie.com that there is no room for gay bashing in the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Unless, of course, Santorum wants his first name, "Rick," to become what we call another repulsive sex act.

Uh-oh, Santorum better watch his back! Savage wasn't jokin' around the first time. Although he's presented the deal in a funny way, I could very well see him being serious this time, too.


And there's no doubt in my mind that Rick Santorum deserves the threat. He's a vile character, whose means of recourse for the Google bomb is to call Savage a "hate activist" with a "perverted sense of humor."

Rrrright. SAVAGE is the hate activist? Puh-lease, man! All Savage is asking for is a level of civility and tolerance that Santorum -- or many politicians in his camp -- seems incapable of offering. Doesn't matter that gay marriage is legal in New York state or that the majority of Americans are for gay marriage. Santorum and like-minded cronies continue to rail out on homosexuality, spewing hateful comments, running politicians who believe in anti-gay therapy, etc. The best recourse is to be subversive like Dan Savage.

When will Santorum learn? Ripping his "nemesis" isn't the answer. Taking note and trying his best to join the rest of us here in the gay rights-lovin' 21st century just might be.

Here's the video Savage did for FunnyorDie. Just make sure you're prepared for strong language ... and a guest appearance from Ricki Lake (love her!).



What do you think about Savage's "threat"?


Image via Victoria Harjadi/Flickr

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