Dad Gets $1,000 Speeding Ticket for Trying to Save Baby's Life

traffic lightOn a normal day, under normal circumstances, there's no reason for a dad to drive like a maniac to get his pregnant wife to the hospital. But for David Weber, the day he put the pedal to the metal -- only to end up with two speeding tickets worth $1,000 -- wasn't normal. He was trying to save the life of his soon-to-be-born baby and his wife too when he got caught up in a police money-making scheme.


At least I'm hoping the cop who stopped Weber just wanted to make some money for his municipality. Otherwise it's hard to explain how the officer learned that Genevieve Weber's contractions could mean the death of their daughter and still decided to harass the stressed out parents.

The Webers were in a peculiar situation. Because of complications during the birth of their elder child, Genevieve had been told natural labor would be dangerous both to her and to their unborn child. So her doctors scheduled a C-section. But when contractions started on their own and she started bleeding out at just 38 weeks pregnant, the couple freaked.

I can't blame them. For MOST couples, birth isn't an emergency. A baby born on the side of the road (or gasp, at home!) will be just fine, but a baby involved in a car accident could be dead.

But this is no ordinary situation. And part of being involved in law enforcement is taking an oath to protect lives ... all lives. So I can't for the life of me understand why the first cop who stopped them for speeding gave David the $1,000 ticket, told him not to speed again, and told them they had to go to a hospital that was closer, but the Webers knew it didn't offer C-sections. What business was it of his WHICH hospital they went to?

Then the jerk, er, cop called ahead to another cop down the road, advising HIM to pull the couple over if he saw them speeding. The second cop gave him a ticket too, then made the couple wait an agonizing 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

One small ticket? Fine. David Weber broke the law, even if it was with the best of intentions. But the officer had a responsibility to protect not just the driving public but this family too. The first cop could have thrown on his siren and escorted the family. A second cop should never have been involved. And David Weber shouldn't be struggling with a suspended license and a hefty bill (reduced by a judge to $400).

The only good news? Their little girl was delivered via emergency C-section, and everyone's healthy.

Do you think this dad was being unfairly harassed by the police? How do you think police SHOULD have handled this?


Image via Horia Varlan/Flickr

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