Jon Stewart Baits Obama With 'You've Given Up' Rant (VIDEO)

jon stewart obamaPoor Obama. The guy needs a nap already. I can completely understand the reaction Jon Stewart had on The Daily Show to the President's weary speech on the debt ceiling debate: "It's like you've given up," said Stewart. I agree, Obama does seem as if he's given up -- and I don't blame him -- but I bet we'll see him catch fire again before he throws in the towel entirely.

After giving a remedial, we-spend-more-than-we-take-in explanation of the national debt that would have been appropriate if he were addressing a kindergarten classroom, Obama, looking both resigned and humiliated, asked Americans in favor of the Democratic solution to "make our voices heard" and "send a message" to Congress (literally).

"That's your idea, call your Congressman?" Stewart asked, incredulous. "Did the President just quit?"


Not the most galvanizing call-to-arms I've ever heard from our nation's leader. Still, I give Obama credit for making even a half-assed effort to reach the public, after the flack he's been getting for his failure to instantly morph into a political superhero. Did we really expect him to restore the economy in a single bound?

Of course Obama is exhausted, but if you were watching really closely during his speech, you might have detected something else seething behind those tired eyes ... disgust. Obama is disgusted with Republicans, with the Democrats who are down on him, with the entire system, it seems. And that's a good thing, because it's his mounting disgust that will eventually burn Obama's fuse down to the very end. My prediction? When he blows, we'll see the return of the real Obama: He's back, he's mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore!

In fact, I would go so far as to say that Stewart might have been baiting Obama when he accused him of quitting ... he knows that his President is on the verge of losing patience and is trying to expedite that process.

Keep at it, I say! With any luck, by the next time Obama addresses his country, he'll be frustrated enough to dispense with the niceties, drop the rhetoric, and just go off on us.

Because that's what we need -- not talk of "compromise" and "coming together." We need our president to look us in the eye and scream, "WTF?! Get over yourselves, you bunch of whiny brats!!"

Check out this video and tell me -- do you think Obama has given up?

Image via The Daily Show

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