Conservatives, Face It: Morgan Freeman Doesn't Like You Like That (VIDEO)

morgan freemanMorgan Freeman has a voice that could convince you of just about anything -- including what candidate to vote for in the next election. Republicans in Wisconsin must realize this, and that's why they've seemingly co-opted the actor's voice for narration of a new ad from the conservative group Citizens for a Strong America bashing Democrat Shelly Moore, who is running in the Wisconsin Senate recall election. Freeman is now vehemently speaking out about how while the voice-over in the ad may sound a LOT like him, it isn't. Understandably, he wants to clear up any misunderstanding that he's thrown support behind Wisconsin's GOP.

I don't blame the guy. It's definitely creepy to think your voice might have been used without your permission. But I guess we shouldn't be surprised that this happened. Republicans seem to have a track record of yoinking material from entertainers who want abso-frickin-lutely nothing to do with their campaigns. 


Like Michele Bachmann, who thought she could get away with re-purposing Tom Petty's "American Girl" for her presidential run. Good luck with that one, crazy lady! The rock 'n' roll legend had that whole thing SHUT DOWN faster than you can tell me what "Last Dance With Mary Jane" is really about. Or how about when John McCain angered the Foo Fighters and John Mellencamp and Jackson Browne by attempting to use their music for his presidential bid, or when Sarah Palin's use of Heart's "Barracuda" garnered the following response from the rock band: "Sarah Palin's views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women." HA. Love it!

Like the Guardian said last month: "You'd think Republicans might have learned by now not to play any music. Unless it's written by Kid Rock." Or, I don't know, Martina McBride?

Similarly, you'd think they'd know better than to co-opt an actor's voice. What happened with Morgan Freeman is even creepier, because the ad really makes it seem like he was directly involved somehow. Oh, and also, last year, Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker ran another political ad using a voice that sounded like Freeman's. So now, it's like the "thing to do" among Wisconsin's GOP propaganda-makers. Awesome.

Well, hopefully, not for long. Freeman's rep is on the case, and hopefully, sooner or later, Citizens will get their wake-up call that it's just not cool to co-opt anyone's voice -- speaking, singing, or otherwise -- to sell a message they're not buying.

Here's the ad that will suspiciously remind you of Shawshank Redemption ... March of the Penguins ... The Dark Knight, etc.

What do you think about what happened here with Morgan Freeman?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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