Dog Saves Owner From Sexual Assault

woman walking dogDogs make the best exercise partners! Not only do they force you off the couch and out the door for their walks, they keep you safe while you're on the move. Just ask the 36-year-old Wisconsin woman whose feisty golden retriever saved her from being sexually assaulted on a late-night constitutional. Good dog!

The woman and the dog were out for a jaunt at a local park when the woman let her pet off its leash at the dog exercise area. (Don't be offended that I'm referring to the dog as an "it." Gender of the dog has not been reported!) As soon as Fido was free, a man "reeking of alcohol" attacked the woman from behind, groping her breasts.


Gross! The woman screamed, of course, and the loyal pup came bounding to her side, barking and gnashing its teeth. Luckily, that was enough of a turn-off for the woman's inebriated attacker, who let her go and took off. Shaken but not hurt, the woman took her dog back to the car and called 911. 

I have to say, the more I think about this story, the more I want to get a dog. That's not the only reason -- I've wanted a dog since I was a kid -- but I have been in plenty of hairy, please-god-just-let-me-get-home situations like this one where it seemed like I was walking into an episode of Law and Order: SVU and it sure would've made me feel better to have a canine companion by my side. I've considered carrying pepper spray around, but the problem with deterrents of that nature is that you can't use it until your attacker is already upon you -- whereas a dog usually keeps sordid types away to begin with (except this one, because it was temporarily off its leash, but you get what I mean). Plus, I feel like a dog is really going to scare a bad guy ... but something like pepper spray might just make him really, really mad (and thusly more violent).

Is your dog your exercise buddy?

Image via Ed Yourdon/Flickr

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