'C.S.I.' Fan Fools Police Into Arresting His Ex-Girlfriend for Robbery

crime scene tapeThis story will either make you lose all faith in police competence and humanity or make you completely paranoid. Or both.

A woman in New York named Seemona Sumasar began dating Jerry Ramrattan, an avid C.S.I. and Law and Order fan who told her he worked as a police detective and private investigator. After he moved into her house, their relationship began to crumble until one day Ramrattan allegedly cornered her, taped her mouth, and raped her. She had him arrested and refused to drop charges even when his friends strongly pressured (some would say threatened) her to do so.

Sounds awful, right? But here comes the craziest part of the story: Listen to how he "got even" with her.


Drawing from his extensive knowledge of police procedure -- remember, all this guy did was watch crime dramas -- Ramrattan framed his ex in a series of three armed robberies. And, unfortunately for Sumasar, who served seven months in jail for the fake crimes, the cops were totally fooled by the setup.

Here's how he did it: He set up three fake robberies. Then, he paid off three "witnesses" to tell police Sumasar had robbed them, coaching them with photos so they could identify her car and pick her out of a police lineup.

Of course, the most infuriating part of the story is how easy it was to fool police into believing his scheme. Even though Sumasar had alibis for each of the three incidents -- including a phone record that showed she was out of state during one of the robberies! -- police said the fake evidence and clues planted by Ramrattan were so detailed, they had little reason to doubt it.

True, Ramrattan's scheme was fairly intricate, but police negligence is party (mostly) to blame. After all, as one of the lawyers in the case pointed out:

Why would a tiny woman with no criminal record, who worked 10 years on Wall Street, randomly hold up people at gunpoint at night dressed as a policewoman?

Sumasar was released from jail after seven months -- but only because a witness (a real one this time) confessed to police and the case fell apart before going to trial. But in the interim she lost her restaurant business and was separated from her 12-year-old daughter. She's suing police departments in both New York City and in Nassau County over her arrest.

And Ramrattan? Well, he's currently in prison awaiting a trial date to be set on charges of rape and conspiracy. Hopefully, this is one crime drama in which justice will be served in the end.


Image via alancleaver_2000/Flickr

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