Luckiest Family Ever Wins Lottery for Third Time

lotto ticketsKimberly McCauley of Charlotte, North Carolina is having an awesome month. She won $100,000 from a new scratch-off lottery game called 10x The Money! Pretty cool, right? Well, it's old news to Kimberly. Winning the lottery is NBD -- happens all the time in her family. At this point it's probably more of a surprise when they don't win.

Over the last two decades, Kimberly and her mother Anne McCauley have won the lottery so many times, I can only assume they're witches who are able to cast some sort of lottery spell.

Prepare to be awestruck when I tell you how much they've won over the years.


So Kimberly just won the $100,000 last month, so there's that. Anne won more than $160,000 in the Carolina Cash 5 game in the North Carolina Education lottery. Anne's also won two $1,000 prizes from other lotto scratch-offs. But all that is small pennies compared to what Anne won a few years back.

The McCauleys won $15.5 million in the New York State lotto in 1997.

Seriously McCauleys? How many frogs' tails and pigs' eyeballs are they brewing up in a cauldron to get this sort of lotto luck? I need their recipe because the only prize I've ever pulled in from a scratch-off has been $5, which I've promptly spent on Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, or whatever else was displayed below the counter where I collected my lotto winnings.

They've got to be superhuman because I don't think we can chalk this winning streak up to dumb luck. Unless all they're doing all day every day is buying thousands of lotto tickets and hoping one will yield a return on their investment, then really, they've got to be of the sorcerer sect.

Maybe the McCauleys could cast a spell on Congress, help them win the lotto, and solve this whole debt crisis. I can see the headlines now: "US Government Wins $400 Million Lotto Jackpot" and "NC Family Busted for Slaughtering All Frogs in the State."

Well I don't want to be on any witch's bad side, so congrats to the McCauleys for being the luckiest sons of guns on the planet. Keep on scratchin'!

How much have you won playing the lotto?

Photo via meddygarnet/Flickr

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