6-Year-Old Girl Trapped in Microwave in Tragic Game of Hide and Seek

The story of missing 6-year-old Rebecca Maria Herrera from San Antonio, Texas, took a turn for the tragic on Saturday when the little girl was found trapped inside a large microwave in the backyard. It's thought that she was hiding for fun and became trapped

The heartbreaking end came after hours of searching for the little girl who was the daughter of John Herrera, an officer for the San Antonio Police Bike Patrol who was in Florida at the time of the little girl's death. 

The scary part is that Herrera's story is very similar to an urban legend, one that scared many of us as children against vigorous games of hide and seek.


As the story goes: a bride in her wedding dress was playing a game of hide and seek and she found the perfect spot in a chest that then shut and locked her in for years before anyone found her.

It terrified me as a child and made me claustrophobic. To think that a real child had to die in such a hideous way -- locked in a hot box during a Texas summer -- is heart-wrenching. All she wanted to do was a play a game.

Urban legends and campfire tales play on some of our most base fears, and there is no doubt that being locked somewhere tight we can't escape from is high up there. But at least in the urban legend, the story was about an adult. A child being locked away is almost too painful to bear.

It's hard to picture a microwave big enough to fit a child, though she was said to be small. Still, the image is horrifying and it's hard not to imagine her cramped, alone, and trapped. She was probably so scared.

Certainly there is nothing anyone can say that would make it better for this family, but my heart aches for them. It's hard to believe that childhood play can go so very wrong.

Does this story horrify you, too?

Image via cote/Flickr

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