Congressman David Wu Shouldn't Resign Over Sex With Teen

David WuAs sex scandals go, the one that's rocking the world of Congressman David Wu this week is rather ho hum. The Democratic representative for Oregon's first congressional district is refusing to resign his post despite allegations that he slept with a teenager last Thanksgiving. And really, why should he? As it stands, the Congressman didn't do anything wrong.


He slept with a teenager, sure, but indications so far are that she is at least 18, legally able to consent to sex with a 56-year-old man (whether that was advisable or not is a whole other ball game). When pressed, Wu himself has admitted to the relationship but said it was consensual. In fact, so far there is only an allegation of impropriety, based on a phone message from said teenager -- daughter of one of Wu's high school friends and campaign donor -- in which she reportedly claimed Wu displayed "aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior" toward her. No charges have been filed, despite said phone message having been left on Wu's office line way back in May.

So why is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opening up an ethics probe? Why are members of his own party calling for his head? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? To acting on facts rather than suppositions?

Because right now, here are the facts: a young woman of legal age had sex with a Congressman who is in the midst of a divorce and says that he made unwanted sexual advances toward her. There is no proof that it played out that way, save for a weepy phone message. The proper process for this would send it into the hands of the police, who would investigate and determine whether the allegations hold weight. They'll determine whether charges should be filed -- if at all -- and then there will be plenty of time to chase David Wu out of his post in the House. But until then, there aren't facts that would support a seven-term Congressman being forced to resign.

Do you think David Wu should resign now?

Image via Congressman David Wu

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