Toddler Found Alive 21 Hours After Deadly Train Crash

china bullet trainA terrible crash involving two bullet trains killed at least 43 people and injured more than 200 others in eastern China last night. The accident occurred when a train from Hangzhou stalled after being hit by lightning and was then rear-ended by a train originating Beijing, and four carriages from the oncoming train were sent tumbling 66 feet off an elevated track. Amazingly, earlier today, an unconscious toddler was rescued by a firefighter at the tail end of cleanup efforts. The child, who was initially identified as a boy, but later said to be a 4-year-old year girl, was rushed to the hospital.

Wow. Can you imagine?! That poor little girl ... what a nightmare. When the child was found, authorities said she was able to move her hands. With hope, she'll be alright, but there aren't too many additional details on her condition right now.

What we do know is that Chinese citizens aren't interested in blaming the accident on lightning.


Instead, there's a lot of outrage that the accident was triggered by human error, and someone needs to take the fall for it. "The railway minister should be required to resign his post immediately; don't go blaming lightning for this incident, the one who should be blamed most is you!" read a comment translated into English by the website ChinaGeeks.

So far, authorities can't explain why the oncoming train didn't stop in time and whether engineers suspected that the trains had any vulnerabilities to lightning strikes. But three railway officials were fired after the crash and would be subject to investigation.

It's certainly frustrating to not know what the heck happened here. The accident is also considered a terrible embarrassment for China, since Japan hasn't had train-related fatalities since service on their trains opened in 1964. China only just introduced their high-speed rail in 2007.

No matter what the cause, people's lives have been lost and damaged by this horrific accident. Hopefully the government does enough honest digging to get to the bottom of how this could have possibly happened. And here's hoping the little girl and all the others who were injured recover swiftly from the traumatic event.

What or who do you think is to blame for this accident?

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