Norway Camp Shooting Is a Mom's Summertime Nightmare

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As I sent my daughter off to swim camp today, I remembered her two bathing suits, a towel, a change of clothes, and a protein packed lunch. Then I worried about the usual things -- whether she remembered to put on enough sunblock and if the lifeguards are paying enough attention to her in the water. But never in a million years would I worry about a gunman firing at her or any of the other children, here or at any of the thousands of other camps around the country. Because it's camp.

I'm sure the moms of the hundreds of teens attending a youth camp off an island in Oslo, Norway, where terrorists also blew up a government building today, didn't either. And right now all of them are shocked and horrified and some may even be grieving at news that their own child was among the 30 victims killed there today by a soulless, worthless terrorist.


The Oslo, Norway camp was run by Norway's ruling party, so it's quite a bit different than our little town swim camp. That camp was probably a bigger target because of its political affiliation (which will certainly make me think twice about sending my children to something similar here in the U.S. I would still do it, I'd just think it through a little more ...). But it's pretty well-known that any place where large groups of kids are gathered in one place, schools and college campuses included, are easy targets for these baby-killers.

A maniac carrying a weapon and a message will stop at nothing. And you just never know where you are going to find one, who they will decide to target, and why.

The visual that totally rips at my heart is the description of the shooter, dressed as a cop, opening fire on victims in the water as they "desperately tried to swim away." I can't imagine the terror of that, or being the mother of one of the children who was struck and picturing their child paddling for their life. We all know terrorists are cowards, but shooting at helpless children? Who are easy targets swimming in the water? That's an all-time low.

They have the guy who did it apparently. With luck he'll try to kill himself for the "cause" or something fanatical like that, and the sooner, the better. Maybe the guys who did the bombing below, which is related to the shooting and killed 5 people, are also speedily on their way to hell right now too.

And next week, send your kid off to camp as usual like I will, with plenty of sunblock and a few extra kisses thrown in.

Does the Oslo, Norway youth camp shooting ignite some of your parental fears?

Image via Clarkston SCAMP/Flickr

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