Casey Anthony's First Interview: Don't Lie, You Know You'll Watch

Casey AnthonyAnd so it begins, the frenzied media wars to get the first Casey Anthony television interview. The race to get Casey's story is so brutal, in fact, that it involves lies, shady deals, cover-ups, and loads of speculation. But Casey's totally used to all that.

One freelance TV producer Al Taylor already claimed he made a $1 million deal for the first interview. However, Jose Baez, Anthony's lawyer, denied this claim -- from his, eh em, NBC-funded hotel room in NYC, where he's said to be holed up playing negotiator in the battle of the big TV networks, including NBC, ABC, and CBS, who all want that first interview.

Yep, all your favorite networks are competing to make Casey Anthony rich. While networks say they don't pay for interviews, there is apparently a heap of money in offering to license photos and other material that can pay big bucks. Gross, right? This whole American way of making undeserved people rich in America is so disgusting, but it's no one's fault but our own.


While it's gross enough that our favorite TV networks are money hungry enough to be negotiating with Casey Anthony and finding ways to "set her up" financially, I'm sure they're also counting on the fat wads of advertising dollars that night that will rush in, based on their guaranteed sky-high viewer ratings when the interview airs. And who's guaranteeing those ratings? Well, you are, of course.

Why are we even crazy enough to watch this interview? It's not like she's going to incriminate herself anymore than she already has (is that even possible?). It's not like she'll admit anything with any truth value. She'll tell you her big fat pre-rehearsed lie about Caylee's supposed drowning, but not in too much detail, and make up some false grief tales and maybe squeeze out a tear or two. Then, when she's done, you'll be confused and mad as ever and turn off your TV and wish to God you hadn't wasted a good hour while Casey Anthony cashes a big fat check on her way out of town.

Boycott, schmoycott. You know you're going to watch. In the hopes that something new will be revealed. Something that will help you understand why Casey is the way she is. Why she lies, why she killed her daughter, how she can live with herself? Something that will make you hate her all over again and justify your rage. Maybe even some small thing that will allow you to move on and close the book on this woman and her life for once and for awhile.

But, you know what? That very curiosity and need to understand is what's going to sustain Casey Anthony -- her need for attention and her need for a paycheck. But don't blame anyone but yourselves.

Admit it, you'll watch Casey's first interview. Will you even admit it?

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