God Gets 52 Percent Approval Rating in Silly Poll

sistine chapel god touching manHow many times have you heard that the American people don't approve of what Congress or the President is doing? Way too many, right? I guess that's why the left-leaning group Public Policy Polling decided to ask a more, err, unconventional question: "If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance?" The results? Some 52 percent approve of the job God is doing, 9 percent disapprove, and 40 percent are unsure. God also got 71 percent approval for "creating the universe," and 56 percent approve of God's "handling of animals." And this is nutty: A whole 50 percent approved of the way God handles natural disasters. Uhm, have they not watched the news over the past year and a half??

Haha, ya gotta love when people take something obviously meant to be tongue-in-cheek seriously!

The group also asked poll takers what they think of John Boehner and Congress (both sides of the aisle), and all of 'em got 33 percent approval ratings.


And when Rupert Murdoch was thrown into the mix, too, he got the lowest of all -- 12 percent. Ooof!!

Obviously, PPP just threw the God Q into the mix to get our attention, and maybe make us think a little bit about all of the crazy "approval" polling we do.

For instance, what does it matter if we approve or disapprove of God's performance (whether or not you believe in a higher being)? Ha! It doesn't. There's nothing we can do. Similarly, does it really matter if we approve or disapprove of certain things -- even Congress -- anyway? Unfortunately, we don't really have much of a choice in the matter until the election.

Really, it's just ridiculous -- or as my boyfriend would put it, "dopey" -- to pose this question to the public. Whether or not you believe in God, the stats here don't tell us anything. Just speculating here ... maybe it means 52 percent of people think the world is headed in the right direction? They're not bothered by wars, climate change, global economic greed, etc.? We can only assume that, because that's not the question that was posed. But if that is what people think, then, heh, I guess 52 percent of people are more optimistic than I am! Or maybe it's just that they don't blame God for man's mistakes. And in that case, I say next time, PPP should poll us on our own -- humankind's -- performance!

What do you think about this poll? Do you approve or disapprove of God's performance?


Image via Francisco Antunes/Flickr

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