Michelle Obama Becomes a Reality TV Star for the Best Reason

Michelle ObamaWhen I first heard Michelle Obama was going to show up on a reality TV show, I groaned. Come on Mrs. O., really? You look so classy on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, and you're going to follow it up with an appearance on the trashiest genre in television? I should have known better.

Mrs. Obama will be the first first lady to appear on a reality television show, and she's doing it for the best reason ever! She's making the support our nation's military veterans a national issue. At least she's trying to with a national TV appearance.


Phewwww. I have to say I'm relieved. I didn't need to see our first lady eating bugs or trying to cook up dinner in a hot kitchen with a certain British dude screaming in her face.

Instead, Mrs. Obama will appear on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in October, on an episode that's been shooting this week in North Carolina. The show is no stranger to special guests, with everyone from (new mama) Jewel Kilcher to country singer Trace Adkins showing up over the years to help host Ty Pennington reveal a newly remodeled home to a worthy recipient.

But it's Joining Forces, an initiative launched by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of vice president Joe Biden, that made her the appropriate guest for this reveal. The project aims to "mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned." And this particular episode epitomizes that motto. Mrs. Obama helped Pennington and crew present a new two-story home to Barbara Marshall, a Navy veteran who has been sharing her family's home with homeless veterans to help get them back on their feet. The new house will allow the Marshall family to reclaim some of their own space (three veterans in a 1,500-square-foot house WITH the family was a tight fit), and continue to serve homeless vets.

Marshall's story is inspiring, and I'm glad Mrs. Obama is lending her star power to spread it. Homeless veterans have served our country, and they deserve our country's support in return.

Will you be watching the Extreme Makever: Home Edition episode in October?

Image via Department of Defense

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