Son Tries to Kill Mom By Flying Plane Into Her House

small planeWhen normal people are mad at their mothers, they ignore her phone calls and withhold grandparent visitation rights. When psychos are mad at their mothers, they plot a Kamikaze mission, rent a twin-engine private plane, and fly it into her house. That's what a suicidal 47-year-old Swiss man did, anyway.

Konrad Schmidt allegedly called his mom from the cockpit moments before he crashed the plane into her home and said, "Are you home mum? I'm just about to drop in." Seconds later he flew the plane into her bedroom window and died.

Joke time! Knock knock. Who's there? Son flying a plane into your house. Son flying a plane into my house, who?


AAAAH I'm dead!!

(Sorry, it's Friday and it's 100 degrees. That's the best I could do.)

Anywhoosle, the mom survived the Kamikaze raid! She was indeed home, but was in the basement. Her two-story brick house came crumbling down after the hit, but Mom walked away unharmed, though she was treated for shock at her local hospital.

If ever there was a reason to be shocked, I would think this was it. Authorities are still looking into why Konrad wanted to kill his mother and himself this way -- the only details they have so far is that Konrad had been feuding with his mother ever since her split from his father, a former senior pilot for SwissAir. The father died of cancer right after the divorce.

Investigators have ruled out that this was any sort of accident; a neighbor gave an account of the event: "He did all these fly-pasts. He was lining himself up to crash the plane into the house, and then he did it."

I don't know who's scarier these days, the kids or the parents. We've got teens murdering their parents with hammers, we've got sons flying planes into mom's house, we've got moms microwaving their babies, moms getting their kids drunk and high on cocaine ... as my grandmother would say: Heavens to Betsey!

So let me take a moment here to assure everyone that I do not even know how to hold a hammer, let alone fly a small plane. I also do not like burning babies, nor partying with them, so I think I should be all set as a good kid and a potentially good parent. Hope you're with me.

Who's worse in the news recently: Parents or their children?

Photo via Silenus81/Flickr

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