Mom's Subway Brawl Is Best Thing That Ever Happened to Baby (VIDEO)

subway brawlA little baby in a stroller rolled right out the door of a New York City subway this week. Sounds awful, doesn't it? So what if I said it was probably the best thing that could have happened to the kid?

Crazy? No crazier than a mom so caught up in brawling with another woman over a SEAT that she completely ignores her baby as the stroller sails across the train car and onto the platform. But that's exactly what happened on the L Train this week, and there's no excuse for it.


Yes, losing sight of your kids for a few seconds happens, but that's the beauty of the stroller. It contains your kids when your hands are full, when you're out in public and possibly dangerous places (ahem, NYC subway?). They're easier to track.

But the very best part of the stroller -- the wheels that make it easy to cart your kids -- can be your undoing if you're not vigilant. The kid whose stroller rolled RIGHT OFF a train platform in Australia a few years back comes to mind. Of course, that kid's mom wasn't in the midst of an all-out cat fight with another woman when her kid went sailing over the edge. And as memory serves, she was hysterical when her kid went flying off.

This mom? Well, just check out the video ... while concerned passengers scream, "The baby, the baby," she just keeps on punching:

The passengers rescued the kid, and now police are involved (anyone with information about the subway brawl is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS). Which is exactly what this little baby needs -- an official investigation into how fit his/her mother is to parent. If she's putting a little tiff about a seat on a subway ahead of her kid, she's made clear what her priorities are, and they're not her child. Putting your child in a stroller doesn't give a mom carte blanche to ignore them. If this mom thinks that, she obviously needs to be set straight. Maybe the cops can put this family back on a sane path.

Do you think this baby is better off now than he was before his mom's big fight?


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