Dr. Drew Calls Out Bristol Palin on Her Fuzzy Rape Claims

dr. drew talks with bristol palinLove him or hate him, celebrity therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky comes off looking like a big jerk in this preview clip of his interview with Bristol Palin (airing tonight on HLN). If you remember, Bristol released a memoir back in June in which she shared the following details about losing her virginity: She lost it while on a camping trip with Levi Johnston and drank too many wine coolers. She later woke up in the tent alone and could hear Johnston talking with friends outside. She had no memory of what happened.

Dr. Drew wants her to admit she was raped. And, he really won't let it drop as you can see in the clip below. On the one hand, it's difficult not to have compassion for Bristol as she struggles to answer his questions about such a personal matter.

But on the other, Dr. Drew definitely has a point:


Here's the thing about the details Bristol herself has chosen to share about the loss of her virginity: The way she's told the story repeatedly, she's made it sound like Johnston got her drunk and took advantage of her. She might not be willing to use the r-word. But for many, many sexual assault survivors, this situation absolutely qualifies as rape, specifically date rape. To have someone publicly deny it as such over and over again can be an infuriating and hurtful setback.

For Bristol to imply date rape but then refuse to name it as such is dangerous and highly irresponsible. It's obvious what she's trying to do, and I get it: She wants us to think that she's a good girl and that sex wasn't her idea; but she also doesn't want to accuse Johnston of rape. Unfortunately, she can't have it both ways. She can't make such serious allegations and not expect people to react. Kudos to Dr. Drew for calling her out.

Of course, Bristol Palin has a right to write whatever she wants. But then I have a right to write that her fuzzy allegations against Johnston are only doing a disservice to sexual assault survivors who are scared to come forward. If she insists about talking about this experience ad nauseam, it would be more helpful for her to do one of two things: 1) acknowledge that what happened to her was out of her control (rape) or 2) that she made a personal decision to have sex.

I wish Bristol had the courage for either admission; but for now I guess we'll have to settle for a blurring of the two, at least until she comes to grips with what actually happened to her.

Here's the clip:


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