Drunk Dad Lets 11-Year-Old Daughter Take the Wheel

brandon churchIt's so important to have a designated driver. But it's even more important to make sure that designated driver is old enough to drive. A Florida man is being held in custody when, after a few drinks, he asked his 11-year-old daughter to take the wheel. The three of them -- oh, I didn't mention his other 7-year-old daughter was in the back seat? -- went on a little cruise around the neighborhood in the family SUV and, not surprisingly, things got a little out of control.

The young girl crashed into a church fence and struck a water pipe that sent a 50-foot geyser shooting into the sky. The girl's never driven before! Sheesh.


Eye roll. The dad admitted to police that he'd been drinking, that he had a suspended license, and that he let his daughter drive. Well, to be exact, he said he was trying to teach her how to drive. He's being held for two counts of child neglect, but not drunk driving.

I wonder what the dad's thought process was here. It's unclear whether or not he had to get somewhere, so were they just out for a joy ride? How drunk did this guy have to be? The police didn't even give him a breathalyzer because, well, it's not illegal to be drunk, and he, well, wasn't driving ... his little girl was. Think she'll get any pre-points on her license for this?

I can remember my dad teaching me how to drive, but he was sober and I was 15, so really that has nothing to do with this story. However, I did crash into a guardrail and ruin a MG 1964 when I had my learner's permit. And guess what? I got an INVOICE for that guardrail I hit in 1998 last year in 2010. Oh yeah. The government found me. And they asked for $250. Think they'll find the 11-year-old in 2023 and ask her to pay for that church fence and water main break?

Hope not. Also hope this dad learns some kind of lesson. Most people are born knowing that the whole drinking-then-letting-your-11-year-old-drive thing is a no no, but I guess some dudes are just slow on the uptake.

What do you think?

Photo via ABCActionNews.com

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