Sarah Palin's Grandkids Make Her Look Like a Hypocrite

sarah palinIt seems congratulations are in order for Sarah Palin! Thank goodness it's not because she's won any sort of public office. It's just that one of her kids is having a kid, and she's gonna be a grandma ... again. Yawn, right? Doesn't that family procreate just as often as they hunt and stand on soapboxes? But there's actually an interesting twist to the news that Sarah haters like me just LOVE.

So, the kid expecting is her eldest, 22-year-old son Track (barf, will never get over these kids' names) and his new, 21-year-old wife, Britta. And when I say "new," I mean it! They only just got hitched two months ago in Alaska. Yet recent photos of pregnant Britta posted on Facebook (gotta love using the 'book as a means of investigative reporting) show that the newlywed is much further along than two stinkin' months. More like six or seven months! In other words, she was preggers when they tied the knot, and there's a great chance these were shotgun nuptials -- which would be totally FINE.


IF it wasn't for the fact that it makes Grandma Sarah look like a BIG FAT hypocrite.  

The woman -- and also her fame-hungry daughter, Bristol, sister/sister-in-law of shotgun Track and Britta -- just can't stop being ardent, annoying preachers of abstinence before marriage. And at this point, with the "Track" record (haha) this family has, taking that stance is incredibly laughable. How can anyone take anything any of them says seriously anymore?

We all know Bristol should have never taken that position as "abstinence ambassador" for the Candie's Foundation, but whatever, at least she doesn't seem to have aspirations to run the country -- yet. More importantly, can we please use this incident as an opportunity to shame Sarah Palin into admitting she's full of crap? Admitting that abstinence-only education, which she pushed for when she ran for governor and still staunchly supports, DOES NOT WORK?

Because if she had any chance in hell of continuing down that self-righteous path, she should have done a better job seeing to it that her kids practiced what she preaches.

What do you think of this news?


Image via Thomas Gaume/Flickr

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