Gigantic Sinkhole Erupts in Terrified Grandmother's Bedroom

sinkholeOne of the worst ways to be jolted out of a peaceful slumber is with a loud noise. Especially when that loud noise is a three-foot wide 40-foot deep sinkhole underneath your bed. That's exactly what happened to Inocenta Hernandez. Your low-battery smoke detector is probably looking pretty good right now, huh?

Truth be told, the "loud noise" was actually more of a "massive explosion." And Hernandez didn't so much jolt up as she ran out of the house like a raving lunatic. You know, as one should when there's a sinkhole under one's bed.


The 65-year-old Guatemala City resident actually thought the noise was coming from outside. (You know, kind of like how when you're driving, you always think the ambulance is coming from the other direction?) She thought a neighbor's cooking canister had exploded. Or something else non-sinkhole related. Then a neighbor told her that the noise actually came from her house. So, she went inside to check things out, and lo and behold, thar she blew. A sinkhole under her bed.

There are few things scarier to me than quicksand, Pennywise the clown, and sinkholes. The thought of having any of these three things in my home is unbearable. Hernandez literally had a monster under her bed! It's a childhood nightmare incarnate! There's no going back from that. It's triple nightlights 'til the day she dies from here on out.

This is also why I refuse to buy land in Guatemala City. The entire place is built on volcanic deposits and is prone to sinkholes. You don't live in a house that's built on a place prone to sinkholes! Just last year, a 60-foot sinkhole swallowed a three-story building and a nearby house! Get the hell outta dodge, people! Hit up a neighboring town.

At least no one was injured this time around, though. If the sinkhole was a few feet over, things could have gotten ugly. Imagine if it were under one of the feet of her bed! And her grandchildren were there! Imagine if it were in one of their rooms! Nightmare! I think I'll take Pennywise and quicksand over this any day.

How crazy is this?


Image via horslips5/Flickr

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