'Chupacabra' Shot & Killed By Stupidest Teen on Earth (VIDEO)

chupacabra sighting

Teenagers aren't known for having the best judgement, but what the heck was one Texas teen thinking when he shot a real life chupacabra over the weekend?! Clearly he wasn't thinking at all! So there's a strong possibility the strange hairless dog beast that the boy shot with a rifle will turn out not to be a chupacabra. Wildlife officials are checking hair and skin samples right now. You know they are thinking it's just some sick coyote with bad eczema.

But puzzle me this -- what if in some bizarre turn of events the animal actually turns out to be a real chupacabra, the mythical vampire dog of ancient legend that has been sighted in the south for hundreds of years?! He could be the only one left! He could be one of the world's greatest myths come true! He could have turned science and belief on its head! He could be .... dead. He's just dead. That kid needs a serious consequence.


What in the world would possess this seemingly nice young man to fire away at what he immediately thought was the legendary dog? It didn't attack him or anything, judging by the news reports. It was far away, about 200 feet. It was just meekly crossing the field in a very non-threatening way, the teen, Carter Pope, explained to a local news station:

It just walked across and started shaking, slowly moving across. No hair at all on it. Its back legs were shriveled up. I mean, I honestly think it's a chupacabra.

Kay. And the next step is to blow this poor thing to smithereens? Possibly tracking it or trying to capture it didn't cross his mind at all? After three shots rendered the canine motionless, Carter Pope ran to wake up his dad to tell him all about it (the fact that he was walking around with a gun in the middle of a field at nighttime should not escape us here).

But the dad, when interviewed, doesn't seem that upset with what his son may have done, either. He just wants to know if it is or isn't a chupacabra, because it certainly doesn't look like anything he's ever seen. I gotta agree with him on that one point. This don't look like no mangy kiyote to me. Check out the chupacabra video from the local news station.

Anyone also find it strange that a possible "real" chupacabra body was just left lying in the field to rot? I mean, if someone shot and killed Bigfoot or an Alien ship crashed, I'm almost certain the government would have sent someone out to take the body back to the lab. I mean, look at that thing ... isn't anyone even the slightest bit hopeful that it could be a chupacabra? Am I the only one who's really really really upset with this kid?

What does this animal look like to you? Could it really be ...


Image via alebuddha/Flickr

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