Pregnant Woman Fakes Labor to Get Out of Speeding Ticket

pregnant woman driving in carNo doubt police have heard people use every excuse imaginable to get out of a speeding ticket: "I'm not feeling well." "I was just keeping up with traffic." "My radar detector never went off." But this one really takes the cake.

When a police officer in New Zealand pulled over a speeding car on a state highway, the driver claimed his friend, a 23-year-old pregnant woman who was sitting in the passenger seat beside him, was giving birth. And the mother-to-be even had her feet up on the dashboard for dramatic effect!

The officer immediately called the woman an ambulance and cordoned off the road to make way for the paramedics to arrive; the driver was let go without a ticket.

But the story doesn't end there ...


When the woman arrived at the hospital, she promptly discharged herself; the hospital staff then called police looking for her. They put two and two together and determined that 1) she was only seven months pregnant and 2) had faked the labor to get her friend out of the ticket. In other words, totally BUSTED. The driver has since been arrested for dangerous driving-related charges.

Not to be a buzz-kill or act like I'm above getting out of speeding tickets (I'm the first, not the second), but there's something about this story that's really annoying. For one thing, the car was clocked speeding at more than 90 miles per hour -- that's really fast! That this woman would put herself, her unborn child, and all the other people on the road in danger is selfish and irresponsible.

Plus, the fact that she used her pregnancy to break the law is sickening. God forbid if there actually HAD been a pregnancy-related emergency ... why would anyone risk tempting fate like that?

Is faking labor a good way to avoid a speeding ticket?


Image via jefield/Flickr

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