Bungee Ride for 2 Turns Into Living Nightmare (VIDEO)

bungee rideGoing to an amusement park is supposed to be ... amusing. You know, rides, funnel cakes, haunted houses -- it's usually a solidly good time. But things didn't go too well for Will Mancera when he went to Zero Gravity Thrill Park near Dallas, Texas. Mancera, admittedly afraid of heights, wanted to ride the Texas Blast bungee ride to sort of shock him out of his fear. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

The Texas Blast, which is essentially two seats strapped to a bungee cord and shot into the air like a slingshot, had just gotten new cords. It was supposed to be working just fine ... but it wasn't. Mancera and fiance Thalia Rodriguez were blasted into the Texas sky all right, but they couldn't get down. The brand new cords got tangled.

Can you say "living nightmare"?


I can.

Living. Nightmare.

Will and Thalia, who are set to marry later this year, were stuck seven stories off the ground for three hours in 100-degree heat until the fire department came and plucked them from their death trap like they would trapped kittens in a tree. The couple was stuck in the seats sideways, and Thalia says that she just started bawling when she realized they weren't moving, to which I say, "Uh no doi." I would've done the same thing, plus murder my seat-mate. Survival at all costs.

The theme park officials still aren't sure what went wrong (great) and say this is the first time anything like this has ever happened (sure), but dang. I can't believe that Mancera went on the ride specifically to face his fear of heights, and this happens to him. Apparently he stayed calm during the ordeal though, and was able to comfort his fiance by making jokes about their sticky situation. Aw! A couple that gets stuck in an amusement park ride together, stays together.

I love theme parks -- if you haven't been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, you haven't lived -- and every time I strap in, I think about a duck hitting me in the face, or getting stuck upside down, or barfing on the little girl in front of me, so I get freaked out reading stories like these. Glad Will and Thalia made it out OK and without injuries! Guess they'll have one crazy story to tell their grandkids.

Do you like amusement parks, or are you afraid something like this would happen to you?

WATCH Will & Thalia ride the Texas Blast:


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